sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008

Cause and effects: Poverty

For some time, the poverty has increased considerably, this reason is caused by different factors, such as: less opportunities of jobs, bad professional education, war in some cities of Colombia and less security. This way, the studies confirm that the result of the poverty in Colombia is by armed conflict and the violence.
First of all, the poverty is caused by the few opportunities of jobs to poor people in different spaces as, factories, buildings, offices and others. So, many people can not work to help your family in food, health, housing and specially in education to children. To this cause the government has not created many possibilities of woks with some institutions to help to the woman and the child, so the solutions are few and less interesting.
Equally important, other cause in Colombia are the little knowledges that the people have about education, because many people can not study by any reasons as, money and time. Moreover, in every jobs the different bosses want people with studies in school, universities and important specializations to work with quality.
On the other hand, the principal cause to the poverty are the war, armed conflict and violence, because when in some town there are problems of violence so people have to leave very fast to the city and they don`t get jobs by be farmers. For example: a farmer knows only cultivate his fruits and when he arrives to the city can not work in an office, so he hasn`t work.
Overall, the problem of the poverty is caused by problems with society in different situations such as: war, armed conflict, violence and money. This situation in Colombia is very complicated and dificult of corrected with the help of government.

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