sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

Argumentative Essay: Culture Shock

Nowadays, Culture Shock is very common in some societies because each person have that differentiate various aspects of your own culture of other countries. This statement is developed by some Psychologists, they say that each person should know and differentiate the cultures in: food, clothes, buildings, feelinings, lifestyles and habits. This essay show some arguments about culture shock and its positive and negative aspects in the life.

First of all, to many travelers the culture shock is very complicated, because when they arrived to other country have that adapt to the customs and specially the language. For example, a study in the United States has concluded that the culture shock have different phases, such as: initiation, negotiation and finalization. In the first phase, the traveler think that will be wonderful by new food, clothes and culture. The negotiation is a few confused, because each person combined your culture with the new and creates habits of these. And the finalization, the person choose and adapt positive and negative customs to your life. These three phases depend of each person with your abilities, knowledges and skills.

On the other hand, the main characteristic of culture shock is language, a United States's teacher affirm that before of travel is best study the own language of the special country, so when you arrived to can speak and know new person and customs. A negative point is that the person not suited to life in another culture and end stressed.

At conclusion , the culture shock is easy of develop and this depend of each person in different aspects, such as: studies, abilities, skills and knowledges and how bring positive or negative in life.

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